Frequently Asked Questions

Q."Can anyone use this service?"

A: Actually, this service is provided for those who are elderly, disabled or those who have suffered a temporary illness rendering them unable to leave their home without assistance. 

Q: " Is my journey guaranteed?"

A: If you have received confirmation from us by email or telephone, your booking is guaranteed subject to extreme weather conditions or road conditions resulting from Road traffic accidents etc. Outside of this, we will get you to your appointment on time!

Q: "When can i expect you to collect me after my appointment?"

A: We will endeavour to collect you within 45 minutes of dropping you off unless you have stipulated that your appointment will be longer.

Q: "Will you take me to a hospital appointment?"

A: Not normally, there are a number of Hospital patient transport organisations that will undertake to provide you with this service. Our service is mainly for visits to the doctors, dentists and all other clinical organisations.